Curriculum Vitae - Lyudmila Glukhova

My original occupation is  a veterinarian, a candidate of veterinary science on immunity problems

In 1990, my first dachshund appeared. It was a standard smooth-haired male, bought as a pet. He lived with us for thirteen years and all this time it was an example of courage and impudence. When you have one dachshund, it's so hard to resist an impulse to get  few more. So in 1996 I bought two more: a rabbit smooth-haired male of Russian breeding and a miniature smooth-haired female from the Polish kennel "Kordegard". Thas was the beginning of the function of my own kennel "From the Slavic Hope". In 2002, I had a good luck to get the first major win in my kennel. Penelope from Slavic Hope became the Junior European Champion, Best Junior and BOB at the Euro Dog Show in Barcelona. My another  dog, Cinderella from Slavic Hope, won the title of European Champion. I do hope that in judging I'll be able to achieve no less results than in breeding. For me the general impression produced by the dog as a whole is of big importance. As an expert I am trying not to cling to minor details, I pay attention  to a harmony in the dog's conformation first of all . I adore dogs with drive and vitality. Our intention is not to sit  in judgement, but to evaluate the dog and to promote not only the popularization of the breed, but also to encourage the idea of ​​participation in show as a whole. I believe that excessive strictness will bring more harm than good, since it can  discourage a person from entering a dog-show forever. Judging dogs is a creative profession, in which there is no place for a "ceiling". We should always strive to acquire some new knowledge, visit big one-breed shows, observe the work of  breed experts and just good judges, notice something new for ourselves, deepen knowledge, develop skills.
I wish everyone to love their dogs regardless of someone else's assessment, but after entering the ring, to hear how lucky they are that they have a friend.


Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesületeinek Szövetsége
1194 Budapest, Hofherr Albert u. 42.
1701 Budapest, Pf. 12.
T: +36 70 457 2763, +36 70 616 3312
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